Brand Watch: BoConcept, Danish Furniture and Interior

Furniture is a hard thing to love, it’s a thirst that’s hard to satisfy.  Unlike a closet, it’s physically harder to acquire pieces (unless you have a big mansion, lucky you), and then of course there’s the cost.  Astronomical if you’re looking for that urban feel and pieces that are thoughtfully  designed and will stand the test of time.  I really do wish someone else would come along besides IKEA that would stray from the generic furniture and offer clever well designed pieces at non-designer prices.  But I suppose those clever designers aren’t a dime a dozen.  Oh well, a girl can dream.


I came upon BoConcept last weekend – having never heard of them, it was one of those discoveries that brings delight and giggles.  A Danish (automatic cool points) furniture company with roots going back to the 1950s, their mission is to offer furniture that are multipurpose and will blow your mind.  Walking through the floor was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced in a furniture store; almost everything had some hidden magical function that made the boyfriend and I oohing and aahing throughout the store.  It was like adult Disneyland.

Their concepts aren’t unique – table extensions, sofa beds, clever desk cable management – but what they do that feels fresh and new is the attention to detail paid to those acts of transformations.  Most extending tables are clumsy, the moving mechanism designed for the act of latching an extra piece of flat surface to the table and nothing else.  They snap, crackle, and pop like a bowl of rice crispies.  BoConcept’s idea of an extension involves moving parts that are meant to be seen, like it’s a situation they considered you might have to do in front of your guests.  This table glides apart like magic revealing a soft handle with stitching details for you to grab as you extend the table, and just floats back together slick as ice when you wish to put it away.  No struggle, no doubt.


Magic Table


I snapped a few photos of this particular location in San Jose.  Check out their website to see if there’s a location near you.



Pretty sure this is a bluetooth speaker


Those grey boxes are Bluetooth speakers you can purchase additionally


Each tile is double sided (white or oak) and you can flip depending on your mood, and serves as a drawer



LOVE their textiles

DSC01460 DSC01453DSC01458


They also have a range of beautiful home decor accessories from lamps to frames.  You can also find them on Houzz – check them out!

That’s it for this week’s Friday Inspo.  Is it time to get some new furniture?  Are you also an admirer of clever furniture design?  Drop me a line!


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