Taipei P.2 – Undisturbed Nature in Heart of Concrete Jungle

To wrap up my annual Taipei, Taiwan trip (read about my history and connection in Part 1 here) I wanted to touch on the amazing natural resources on this tiny island.  The national parks here are a must see; the lush green surroundings and the scent of mountain air is intoxicating.  Just make sure to have that insect repellent ready and watch out for spiders as big as your hand.




The Sun Moon Lake is a giant and gorgeous natural lake nestled in the mountains; you can take a boat ride to various points around the lake or rent a bike and peddle away to your heart’s content.




Taiwan’s also know for the most adorable bakeries and delicious little coffee shops.  We stopped by the Sun&Blue Bakery on our way down from the Yangmingshan National Park.  This place was built into the side of the mountain and the view was spectacular.  Once the sun set it was lit with ambient lighting and tiny fairy lights.


It was another unforgettable trip, and I’m honestly lucky to have a wonderful family willing to schlep along with my boyfriend and I.  I think they secretly had a good time though; coffee, cake, and treats oh my!

As I grow older and time becomes more precious with life’s incessant responsibilities, Taiwan will always be a priority for me.  In addition to the family and friends, it just makes for such a satisfactory vacation.  Food is delicious and cheap, transportation and getting around is cheap, and I haven’t even touched on the subject of the famous night markets!  That deserves a whole post and lots of photos to boot.  Next year, for sure.

For those of you who love to travel and haven’t gone anywhere in Asia yet due to fearing a language barrier or maybe culture shock, definitely look into Taiwan.  English signs are everywhere in Taipei, it’s very easy to get around due to a modern subway system, and the attendants/people in general are always very willing to help!

Let me know your thoughts!!  If you have any questions or are thinking of traveling there I’m more than happy to help!

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