On Rotation: My Everyday Jewelry Choices

I feel terribly guilty saying this as someone attempting to fashion blog, but swear I must be have split personality disorder between a hyperactive worker and a sloth like homebody; I can be sooooo lazy.  Which brings me to today’s post about what’s currently rotating from my jewelry box, and my propensity to be low maintenance – the jewelry I wear tend to center around a few favorite pieces that don’t ever come off, and a sprinkle of favor ones added for fun and giggles.


I don’t know what it is about shiny baubles, but it’s something that always jump out at me when I encounter a person, whether friend or stranger.  A ring can make my eyes linger, earrings can make me appreciate his or her beauty, hair, or facial structure.  A necklace draws my attention to the outfit, and a bracelet allows me to admire the wrist.  A person’s taste in jewelry can tell you a lot about him or her, and often times they tell a much different story than clothes.  It’s endlessly fascinating!

Personal Jewelry Rotation

I tend to prefer modern, simple, and minimalist pieces.  Occasionally I’ll throw on something chunky or statement if the event calls for it, but my daily choices tend to match my quiet personality.  I feel that delicate pieces tend to suit my small frame best, and playing with varying length is my favorite cheat to dress up an otherwise thrown on outfit of tee and denim.


My go to rings, earrings, and necklace for the past month.  Links for everything can be found at the end of the post.


This Madewell statement ring is absolutely gorgeous.  Scored this guy at their after Christmas sale.  I also have really small fingers; finding midi/knuckle rings to fit my ring finger is nearly impossible.  Enter Etsy – pretty much the only place to get customized jewelry without spending a fortune.



I can’t get enough of these spike chain ear jackets from my own TYPENU Co, I wear them pretty much everyday.   The best part – they’re stainless steel, so pretty much indestructible.



The Shopping List

Marble Diamond Sweater Necklace – Forever 21 // Spike Chain Ear Jackets – TYPENU Co // Open Ball Ring – TYPENU Co // Chevron Midi Ring Set – FMJ on Etsy // Tiny Triangle Ring – FMJ on Etsy // Gold Open Statement ring – Madewell // Simple Stainless Steel ring – Teno

From now until V Day, take 20% off your entire purchase of $15 or more from TYPENU Co with code: LOVE2016.  Because I love you guys that much.

I tend to forget Valentine’s Day and it’s creeping up isn’t it?  I’ve been together with my beau going on a decade plus now, all romance has gone out the window.  Yup you read that right.  10+ years.  Cray cray.  Anyone got major plans this year?  I’m always all ears for V Day inspirations, I clearly can’t depend on my other half to come up with anything.

Do you have any jewelry routines?  Let me know too below!

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