Out to lunch: casual Valentine’s

And so Valentine’s Day came and went; another holiday for retailers to push materialistic things upon us has passed.  My beau and I have been together for 10+ years now (I’ve lost count of the exact number) so VDay is pretty anti-climatic for us; it still is a nice excuse to participate in the restaurant gorging you’re only suppose to do once in awhile for you know, health reasons.  Yum.


Casual Valentine’s

We went out on Saturday instead, and chose to have a big lunch so we’ll have left overs for the entire weekend.  Mission accomplished, and no reservations required!


Pink and red is not my thing, I don’t care what day it is haha!  It was an atypical warm day in the Bay so I went with my trusty side slit Aritzia tee, a lightweight and oversized Zara button down, black jeans, and some old 90s inspired plaid sneakers.


I tend to overlook accessories when it’s warm (yes, I think 80 degrees is warm, hence I try to stay away from LA) so I kept things simple with a few rings and a long necklace.




Tee: Aritzia // Button down: Zara (similar) // Sneakers: Aldo // Denim: American Eagle Outfitters (super old) // Knuckle ring: TYPENU Co // Necklace: F21

Post processing?

By the way, for my lovely outfit bloggers out there, I’m curious – how much editing do you tend to do for your posts?  Like I mentioned previously, my beau has pretty much negative photography skills and he’s kind enough to have the patience to try, but this is how it turned out:


Uh, thank goodness for .raw??  I use Photoshop to adjust my raws, very interested in trying Lightroom instead to make the process go faster.

Do you guys feel compelled to edit your shots?  What goes into your decisions to tweak, any software preferences?  Hope everyone had a great weekend, whether you celebrated VDay to the fullest or completely blew it off!

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