Illustrations: a quick design project

Happy Friday everyone!  I haven’t posted anything involving my design life / fashion illustrations for a long time and recently a project fell into my lap so this is the perfect opportunity!


This past week I’ve been working on a design project for X (sorry, secret for now) and have basically been on house arrest while snacking on multiple boxes of Girl Scout cookies.  Damn you Thin Mints!  Damn you boyfriend for always asking if I wanted another box so you can buy one one your way home!  So after a week or two – project: done.  Diet: destroyed.  Amount of other work to catch up on: I don’t want to think about it.

At any rate, I figured it would be fun to share with you guys something besides outfits, fashion commentary, and words of rage wisdom – my doodles and chicken scratch!


I haven’t done a project like this for quite awhile now and (ashamed to admit this) haven’t touched my markers since…probably my school days??  After becoming a professional fashion designer our day to day sadly doesn’t allow time to play with markers and doing anything “pretty”, just sketches, research, and issues issues issues.  Design-Sketches-2-alice-typenu

This felt nice and nostalgic.  Including the mess I create while working – there’s no way my shit isn’t everywhere when I’m sketching and coloring.  I’m also insanely rusty; I almost didn’t want to share these for fear of embarrassment but since I’m committed to blogging, it’s time for me to get more comfortable with sharing.


If any fellow illustrators / designers / students out there are reading this, here’s a quick rundown of my favorite tools and what I use in my daily design life.


Copic Sketch –  I’ve been using these for ages now during my student days back when I could only afford to buy them in the shades I use most, which actually works out very well since I never used colors much besides for the monochrome palette.  They’re refillable and I’ve refilled my most used ones multiple times that it’s way worth the investment.  That brush nib is no joke.

Prismacolor Markers – I padded out the rest of my color collection with the standard Prismas.  They’re not as fun to use as the Copics, but they’re more than enough.


Bienfang Graphics 360 – The ultimate marker paper in my humble opinion that works like a dream with my smooth blending style.  The inks stay wet and workable far better than the competitors I’ve tried.  But no I have never tried marker paper made by Copic themselves, too poor.

Layout Bond – What I do all my rough sketches on; this stuff is boss.  It’s got satisfying tooth to sketch on, and see through enough to trace over your croquis and flesh out your ideas quickly.  Can’t tell you how many pads of these I’ve consumed over the years.

Misc Tools

Pentel Pocket Brush Pen – I’ve been experimenting with this lately, the brush tip is so and easy to control but requires some practice as it’s so soft that one wrong move can result in a big unwanted blob.

Sakura Microns – Oh such a staple, for student life and beyond. Cheap, reliable, and readily available; what else can you ask for?


No one probably noticed this but there’s a sad little menu link up there that says “shop prints on Etsy“; I’ve been meaning to get going on some fashion illustrations and trying to set up a print shop.  In the mean time I have some minimalist prints up there and it’s been awhile since I worked on the shop; I’ve always figured my type of illustration hand can go really well along with artwork that’s more minimal in nature.  This is in addition to my dear TYPENU Co which is why it’s been neglected; I think I’ve bitten way more than I can chew.

Thanks for reading guys, I would love for you opinion if you would consider something like this cool enough for your wall?  Have a great weekend!

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