Friday Afternoon – apps essential for every blogger

In an effort be more consistent in my writing, I’m attempting to start a series of posts on Fridays, featuring content that’s not strictly related to my field of profession – fashion.  Hence the name Friday afternoon; I think usually by the end of the week most of us gets afflicted with this condition called Friday Brain and we’re completely checked out of our jobs by 3pm.

Plus I can say:  Friday Afternoon with Alice / TYPENU, and it rhymes!  No just kidding, I won’t do that.

Apps I use daily as a blogger

To kick it off, I’m sharing the apps I’m constantly using, abusing, and otherwise addicted to in my daily life, and hopefully introduce you to a few good ones you can utilize as well.  Besides the official social media apps (FB, Pinterest, Instagram, etc), here are some apps I use everyday to edit photos, read the news, find inspirations, and generally make my digital life easier.  Note that I use an Android phone but all of these should either have Apple App Store versions or equivalents.


VSCOeven though Instagram has done a good job adding more controls for fine tuning your photos, I still prefer the look of VSCO filters and the results of the tools they offer.   There’s no reason you can’t utilize both though; occasionally I’ll use the HDR function from IG after importing a photo in from VSCO.  



Chrome: Google Chrome is indispensable for someone like me who’s constantly hopping across her devices; if you’re logged into your Google account, Chrome can sync your bookmarks and anything browser related like history and recently opened tabs across all locations you’re signed in on.  I can’t put into words how awesome this is.


Google Chrome

Google InboxIf you already use Gmail, you’d love Google’s relatively new email app Inbox.  Instead of the traditional Gmail where you would need to check your tabs individually, Inbox groups everything together and bolds anything that’s new.   It’s so helpful for getting the information you need at a glance and it helps my workflow immensely.

google inbox blogging tech alice typenu

Google Inbox

Insta Square Maker: One of the many apps that allows you to post landscape/portrait into IG.  Even though IG now allows this innately, the ratio is still occasionally not wide enough or tall enough, so I still find myself using this to get my images just right.  It can also do other fun things like adding backgrounds to the white spaces or shifting your image off from the center if it’s not a square.


Insta Square Maker

InstaFollow: Apps like these are immensely helpful if you’re looking to keep better track of your IG and grow it.  It can show you your most liked photos so you can visually see what’s working and vice versa.  It keeps a running tally of how many users you’ve gained and lost until you choose to reset it, which I do on a monthly basis so I can keep track of my growth.  It’s got a ton of other features, and I find apps like this to be more competitive than 3rd party Instagram websites that requires a monthly subscription fee in order for you to see information like this.

InstaFollow blogging apps alice typenu


Flipboard:  A lovely newsfeed app that displays everything like a flippable magazine.  You can create your own categories and topics to follow in addition to what they already have pre-programmed, and you can save the articles to your note keeping apps like Evernote or Google Keep.  I regularly use this to keep tabs on different categories of design, and save anything inspirational I’d like to return to later.



Google DriveAs someone who’s heavily invested into the Google ecosystem, Drive is a no brainer.  It helps me sync photos back and forth from all my devices: desktop, laptop, and phone.  You can download a desktop version of the Drive program that will allow you to access the folders on Drive as if they’re a part of your computer without having to go in from a web browser, and it’s awesome.

Google Drive

Google Drive

I’m sure there are tons more out there that I’m not even aware of, but for now these guys keep my blogging and social media sphere go round and round.  I’m so curious as what you guys use on a daily basis, even if it’s not work or blogging related!!  Let me know if you’re already using any of the above, and feel free to share what else you think I might be missing out on!!

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  • I am helped by Google Drive too. Beside VSCO I have Snapseed for my photo editor, it has good ratings and reviews, I kinda love it also. Then, I love to have list over the lists so I have Wunderlist to keep me awake because I write my everything-to-do on.

    x Dayu | PR.JA

  • Google Drive and VSCO are my saviors! I also love organization so I’m going to have to check out Instafollow!!



    Leaving Kyliefornia

  • i swear by vsco but i don’t have any of the others, i’ll check them out!

  • What!? That’s good to know, and so strange…did you check to see if she really did remember to heart your photos? Thanks for letting me know!

  • Hazel Asoy

    VSCO is a life saver ♥ I’m glad I have all the filters ♥


  • MisMi

    I use the same apps! google inbox is life. I also like Snapseed for pics, esp food pics or flatlays.

    xo Miriam

    Scripts of

  • I’ve never heard of Instafollow but that’s something I need to look into. Thanks for sharing these apps!


  • Actually I realised that the engagement packs might not be accurate as well… Because one of my top heartless commenters happen to be a fellow friend and I’m sure she did like my posts before commenting… Quite puzzling actually haha

  • Nice! You’ll get addicted soon! 😉

  • My favorite part is if you start using it for all your IG shares and the images stack up in VSCO, you can sort of see how your newly edited image that you’re about to post would look and feel within your IG by setting your VSCO grid size to 3×3!

  • Ah, good to know! My blog is run on WordPress so I just use the official WordPress app, it gets the job done 😉

  • I hope you like it! There are other apps similar to it if it’s not to your liking!

  • Thanks for the tip!! I need to get my Twitter game on…I currently only use it as an extension of my other social apps (like when I post on IG it auto posts to Twitter too) but I’d like to use it more for sure.

  • Those engagement packs are SO worth it, it allows you to easily see your top liked photos, most loyal followers, etc etc. Insanely useful!

  • Right? VSCO is amazing! Yes definitely check out InstaFollow, it really does make IGing much easier.

  • Same here!! Nothing else compares!

  • VSCO is my best bud. ❤

    Spices + Everything Nice |

  • AngeliePangilinan

    VSCO is my fave. It’s the only photo editing app that I use currently 🙂

    Angelie // Sleek Makeup Base Duo Kit Review

  • Kay (shoesandglitter)

    Wow, so many helpful apps! I don’t have Instagram but I’d love to check out VSCO, it seems mega useful! Thank you for sharing. 🙂


  • Do not know what I would do without VSCO! I also need to check out Instafollow because it seems to be a great way to organize stuff you want to share and keep track of 🙂

    Maireem | My Fair Autumn | Instagram | Twitter | Snapchat: myfairautumn

  • love VSCO! I’m going to try out some of those other apps you suggested

  • sandyalamode

    great post! i love VSCO!

    Sandy a la Mode

  • Vsco is definitely my go-to photo editing app! Can’t get enough of it 🙂 I will definitely have to check out these other ones!

    Enclothed Cognition/Bloglovin

  • Great round up of apps! I just started using VSCO.

  • Thank you for recommending! I love VSCO too!

  • bev

    This post is just what I needed. I downloaded VSCO recently and was not sure of all the things I could do with it as a blogger. Thank you!

  • Yousra

    I love VSCO, the only editing app I use! If your platform is Blogger, then Blog Touch is great!

    Yousra | Mystic Tales

  • Monique | WritingMonique

    Great sharings! I didn’t know instafollow, but I am downloading it straight away! So handy!

  • Danielle

    Thanks for sharing this with me! Learned something new! Have an amazing day!


  • I use VSCO as well for Instagram photos. I also use this app called ‘publish’ for scheduling tweets 🙂

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

  • Lenya

    Cool apps, thx for sharing.


  • Melisa

    Can’t lie, I use VSCO everytime! love all your picks<3 x

  • Such a agreat round up! I’ll def be checking some of these out!


  • AWW I’m always fascinated with bloggers share their fav apps with their readers! I’m obsessed with the VSCO Filters and I’m using InstaFollow too. So funny that they classify users by naming them “heartless commenters”, “speechless likers” etc. But as I’m using iPhone – I need to purchase their engagement packs to have full access to that app! Thanks for sharing btw 🙂

    xoxo, Aldora
    Aldora Muses – A Beauty & Lifestyle Blog | Instagram

  • Sybil

    awesome ideas! thanks for sharing!

    Have a great week!

    Animated Confessions

  • LOL Domino’s Pizza! I should remind my boyfriend to look into that one 😉 I’m not familiar with Afterlight, looking into it!

  • Alona Bronstein

    VSCO is probably my favorite app on my phone (besides Domino’s pizza of course!). Afterlight is really nice as well! x Alona

  • It’s so addicting and fun, you won’t regret it!

  • Oh no! Yes some other apps will have to suffer in the place of VSCO! It does take quite a bit of memory though, unfortunately.

  • VSCO cam is amazing, love it! unfortunately had to delete it due to no memory left, but I think that I’ll probably have to solve this memory problem so that I can download this beauty again!
    Xx Agnes | AgnesLowerot

  • I can’t believe I haven’t downloaded VSCO yet, I’ll have to do that straight away before I forget again haha!

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice x

  • Arabella

    VSCO cam is my absolute favourite! Great post!


  • Dressed With Soul

    All these apps are new for me! Thanks for sharing <3

    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  • Seems pretty convenient apps.

    Have a great weekend.

  • Violette

    Great post!! Thanks for sharing! Happy Sunday x

  • Yes Drive’s collaboration features are amazing, I didn’t even mention that part! Going to look into SKRWT, never heard of it before; thanks for mentioning it!

    xo, alice / T Y P E N U

  • Hahaha totally agree! 😉

  • No problem! Thanks for stopping by!

  • Nice! Best of both worlds!

  • Definitely try it out; having it on the phone makes moving files between desktop/laptop to phone such a cinch!

  • Totally agree with that on Iconosquare! I feel like you don’t even get all that much out of it either for paying a subscription. I’m definitely going to look into Asana and Bugger, haven’t heard of those. Thanks for sharing that!!

  • Great post – thank you for sharing!

    VSCO provides a lovely user experience, doesn’t it? Another I use is SKRWT, to help even out angles and otherwise take care of a couple necessities VSCO doesn’t cover.

    And Google Drive is indispensable for getting feedback on posts from others, planning trips with multiple people, you name it!

  • Nice post! I’ve recently downloaded VSCO and think it’s great, too. 🙂


  • I’ve just downloaded VSCO and love it! Also addicted to the Lightroom editing app though for when I want to edit a bit more! xx

    Filippa ⎮ Always a Dot

  • Siffat Haider

    I think VSCO is the bread and butter of every blogger’s app collection. It’s so necessary!

  • Great post! Thanks for the tips! xx

  • Michèle

    oh what a cool list!! my fav is VSCO, couldn’t live without it anymore

  • All these are just wonderful! Thanks for the tips!

    Mallory // Perhaps Bananas

  • VSCO is the bomb! thanks for the tips, I’m using both an Android and an Iphone 🙂

  • I don’t think any blogger edits without VSCO! The app just works wonders for photos. Thanks for sharing these essentials!


    Looks by Lau

  • I’ve never tried using google drive on my iPhone. I’ll have to check that out!

    xx Yasmin

  • These are great apps – I love using VSCO! Haven’t tried InstaFollow, but I might have to give it a try since Iconosquare’s starting making IG analytics a paid option (boooo). I like using Bloglovin’ to keep up my reading for blogs, Asana for organizing my blog posts, and Buffer for my social media posts (but mostly Twitter). I’ve also found the Google Analytics app to be super easy to use!

    Sam |

  • DMD

    Great article! We didn’t know about Instafollow. We will definitely download it! Thank you for those great recommandation!
    We can’t wait for the next friday’s article!

  • Eva

    Very well written post. Love it 🙂

    xoxo Eva |

  • Nice article! VSCO is the best! ♡

    ♡ Recent Beauty Loves ♡

  • Lindsey

    Instafollow is one of my favorite apps as well as Crowdfire. Really great apps to track your followers.

    stay styled,


    IG: stay_styled

  • Cara E

    VSCO is one of my fave editing tools too! x