Denim and Blazers

I love blazers, I really do.  As much as I’m smitten with what a slim, well fitted blazer can do for my frame or for any outfit, man they can feel restricting and uncomfortable sometimes.  I like my outfits to be (and feel) low maintenance, so enter this drapey Aritzia blazer.


It’s fitted through the shoulders with a flowy circular cut hem.  It also has these large pockets perfect for sticking my hands in and swinging on a jaunty walk.


The rolled cuff sleeves are a little bit long for my arms, but the fit is easy enough for me to scrunch it up to above my elbows.  The fabric also allows such a comfortable fit over a simple long sleeve top from Brandy Melville.

I decided to keep the outfit simple and let the blazer speak for itself.  These Zara denim skinnies are one of my favorite pairs; one of the few that my short petite legs can pull off!




These chunky boots are the only footwear I’ve ever purchased from H&M; I usually avoid shoes from fast fashion chains with a ten foot pole (and here’s why!) but these felt sturdy and comfortable enough for me to take the plunge.  Gave me just the perfect amount of height; the blazer is actually a bit long on my 5’4″ frame.


Blazer – Aritzia // Tee – Brandy Melville // Denim – Zara TRF // Boots and necklace – H&M (so old) // Bag – Zara (old)

This weekend my boyfriend and I decided to check out a nearby outlet that was about a 40 minute drive, not too bad.  Being on the inside of the fashion industry, I always have really mixed feelings about outlets.  Depending on the brand, some houses have a separate team of designers dedicated to working on products specifically for their outlets stores, and people go nuts under the impression that they’re getting a good deal for a retail item when in reality that item was never retail…  Different brands have different strategies; the company I used to design for used their outlets to sell products that ran into issues during mass production or anything that didn’t meet our retail standards.

Occasionally some brands do send overstock to their outlet stores and you can find a legitimate deal, you just need to have patience and be willing to do some hunting!  Anyway, hope everyone had a restful weekend!

How do you guys feel about blazers?  Classy or fussy?

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