Simple, clean, minimal

Welcome to another edition of Friday Afternoon my friends – today I’ll be discussing a few of my favorite design aesthetics: simple, clean, and minimal.

When I was going to school and just discovering my design sea legs, the handwriting I found myself doing and falling back on again and again was just some good, strong, simple lines.  Whether it was a garment or a knit, I liked my designs to have solid foundations and give them a twist – maybe it’s a slit in the back, or an asymmetrical hem, or a tuck and a pinch here and there.  Tiny details, that wouldn’t otherwise be very meaningful unless it was on a prepped blank canvas.

So for today, I’ve curated a collection of images below that represent little pieces of what goes on in my head when I think of aesthetics and what lights up my brain’s visual pleasure center, broken down into several categories.  All images are from my Pinterest board, with a link to it down below.


Ah, my bread and butter.  Fashion that’s modern and timeless from designers and mass retailers alike.  Over sized fits, long length lines, unusual drapes – all with a strong vision of foundation.  Click for zoom.


No exception when it comes to shoe and bags; with the added benefit of being mostly timeless, these pieces below are on my wishlist.  Click for zoom.


Impossibly neat and clean, what my home will never be but I’ll never stop striving for this to be my digs.  Peaceful, simple, and beautiful space. Click for zoom.


Delicate jewelry pieces are the foundations to any look; it’s the necessary balance for statement pieces, and perfectly lovely to layer on their own.  And of course, the aesthetics I aim for with my own little TYPENU Co.  Click for zoom.


What I call nest objects – interiors aren’t complete without aesthetically similar knick knacks  to go in it.  Smooth ceramics, metallic copper, and elegant glass.  Click to zoom.

I think when this clean white Scandinavian trend started to blow up, the creative part of me just about died from excitement.  There’s also the added benefit of everything naturally going pretty monochrome, and you know me and those shades of grey!!  If you liked what you saw here, you’ll definitely want to follow me on Pinterest below:

Visit TYPENU Co’s profile on Pinterest.

That concludes our Friday afternoon ladies and gentlemen, looking forward to the weekend!  But before you go, talk to me about your favorite visual aesthetic below!

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  • I love the collection Alice. I also love minimal. They just make everything sophisticated and fabulous at the same time. And also clean and simple. 🙂

    Spices + Everything Nice |

  • Carol Pham

    Love Minimal! Great post , so glad I found this !!!

  • Everything looks wonderful! So lovely and minimal!

    Mallory // Perhaps Bananas

  • I think growth in personal style is natural; no one can stay a certain way forever. I love the way you style; a little bit of color splashed onto monochrome is always good! <3

  • So happy I did! Thanks for coming by Filipa <3

  • Haha same here, but my house would never ever be that neat!!

  • I think minimalism is having a moment in the spotlight; as much as I love it, I’m excited to see what trend would be next! And yes, minimalist jewelry is permanently amazing! ;D

  • I had way too much fun putting this together 😉 My favorite part about minimal inspo is you just don’t get sick of it ever, I can spend days (and I have) on Pinterest and Tumblr browsing this stuff, it’s just so beautiful.

  • Thanks Trang! <3

  • Yeeeess! I love that you love it! I can go on and on about this aesthetic, happy to find similar people to share my visual taste!

  • Victoria Azubuike
  • I love everything 🙂

    Bonjour from FRANCE, Sand.


  • Love these images!

  • omg that interior inspo! and that black backpack i needdddd. i love the style and everything about it. i used to be way more minimal in my style, but i’ve become a bit more colorful which is interesting. i’m happy about it because it’s fun but there’ll always be a minimal gal in me haha

  • ahh this is love!!

    kisses from dubai ❤️

  • yess! I love the minimal look, especially in a home! sometimes keeping it simple is actually the best way to go

  • Alice, I couldn’t imagine how similar we are. These are the fashion bits that I love and need I mention the minimal living space which is droolworthy? Oh those shoesss. xx

    Real Life Nerd

  • Trang Do

    Great picks!! Amazing photos!

    Love from {a lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and food blog}

  • Mademoiselle Coconath

    Such a great post! Love how light everything looks!


    Mademoiselle Coconath

  • Those interior shots are dreamy and the jewelry is gorgeous!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  • Olia Majd

    Beautiful!! Hope you’ll stop by my blog for the latest post!

    Love, Olia


    Love minimalistic style, it’s so pure and simple. You have really inspired me Alice

    Filipa xxx | Instagram

  • I’m all up for minimalism, especially when it comes to interior. Hopefully one day I’ll get to have an apartment like that 😉 Love these inspo!

  • Too much minimal inspo to handle! Ah so many perfect photos and the clean accessories are a dream come true! Absolutely love the different mood boards!

    Sophie xx

  • This is just all of the goals! I love minimalistic style and interiors!

  • I love minimal interior designs! Lovely post 🙂 x

  • Oh Shireen I doubt that; I can totally see you in this type of aesthetic! It’s easier than you think, just the good ole adage of K.I.S.S! Love how we have similar taste, great minds think alike! 😉

  • Thanks Stephanie! Same here; although it’s been saturated for awhile now and I can’t help but wonder what’s next?

  • You’re too kind Gabrielle! ;D I think the Accessories board is my favorite too!

  • Melisa

    so inspiring! gotta love anything minimal <3 looking forward to see more of these. x

  • Kay (shoesandglitter)

    Oh wow, such gorgeous photos! Personally, I’m not much into minimalistic style, except for jewellery – I think that minimalistic jewellery looks beautiful, delicate and feminine. 🙂 Thanks for sharing, hun! <3


  • Diana Horsfall

    awesome ! everyone is so addicted to minimal style but not many people can pool it

  • I feel the same! Thanks for reading Stacey!

  • Thanks Monique! So glad you liked the inspo!

  • Same here, had a hard tim not shopping while writing this! 😉

  • Pisa

    Great post dear! This inspirations are great! I love minimalistic! Thank you for sharing!
    Hugs, Pisa

  • I love minimal designs, especially in interior. These look so beautiful and simply perfect for my taste! 🙂

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

  • What gorgeous image boards – I can understand why an aesthetic like this would float through your mind, as you’re so creative! The Accessories board is particularly inspiring.

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice x

  • I love the minimal interior pictures – I’m obsessed with them on Pinterest xx

    Gemma ♥ Miss Makeup Magpie

  • These pictures selection are the best! Really love your sense of style! Great inspiration post!

  • These are all such gorgeous inspiration boards. I also love Scandinavian design! It pretty much took all of my self control to not buy everything in sight when I visited Stockholm, haha.

    Stephanie ● Sartorial Diner

  • Our taste in interior design and jewelry are similar, absolutely love everything that I saw. On the clothes, while I love the clean lines, I can’t pull off those kind of clothes, I think I lack the right personality for it.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  • There’s always something more attractive about minimal than anything else!

  • Laura

    Minimalist is so chic! I love the clean lines on all your inspiration picks!

  • Cara E

    Minimalism isn’t really “my” thing but I love how it looks on other people! Some gorgeous inspo here x

  • Eva

    Love the minimal theme we have created here. Simply amazing!

    xoxo Eva |

  • Monique | WritingMonique

    This inspiration is amazing! I love minimal jewelry, and those fashion pictures are amazing!

  • I LOVE all the minimal inspiration here. I basically need all those shoes and bags, haha. Great post!


    Looks by Lau

  • Love the minimal trend!!

    Happy Friday! Kisses,

    BLOG | Taislany