If each day is a ‘Gift’, I’d like to know where I can return Mondays.

Just kidding guys.  I love Mondays; being a workaholic I rather enjoy the start of a fresh week because it’s an opportunity to 20/20 the previous week and see if you can improve anything in this week going forward.   Unless last week was so bad you rather not think about it, then in that case f*ck it, it’s all eyes forward!


Last week I wanted to try a quick shoot inside my apartment;  it gives my non-photographer beau a quiet and pressure free environment to learn the ropes but errr my apartment is some 630 sq feet and we have a looooot of stuff.  Finding a wall clean enough to take shots was a challenge that required maximum effort and some furniture rearranging.



Keeping things easy (I feel like a broken record – when am I not?) in a Brandy Melville graphic tee and one of my all time favorite garments – this Free People jersey vest.  It’s super old.  The volume, the handkerchief hem, the fabric, I love it all.


 Sweater jacket – Aritzia // Graphic Tee – Brandy Melville // Vest – Free People // Denim – Zara // Boots – H&M

I just realized I’m faceless in this set haha!  This was shot using my 35mm prime lens on a cropped Sony NEX body so the lack of distance in the apartment created a real challenge; sacrifices must be made.  At any rate, have a wonderful week and happy Mondaze!

Do you have anything super old in your closet that’s still treasure status like this vest was for me? Let me know below!

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