A quick LA photo diary

This past weekend my wifey on the East coast and I had the rare opportunity to meet up in LA so it happened!

I wish I had more good photos to share, but I’m horrible at keeping up with photography while in the company of others.  I also wanted to make sure friend time comes first and I still hate that fussy feeling of stopping in the middle of whatever we’re doing to take a photo.  I’m an awful blogger, I know.

The Huntley Hotel, Santa Monica views, and food







I think nothing heals the soul better than some quality time with those that mean the most to us.  I met and made some amazing friendships during the time I worked in Ohio, and saying goodbye to those relationships was probably the hardest part of moving back to California.  Being able to see my friend wifey after 2 years was such a good feeling; it felt like I never left.  We ate, shopped, people watched, and shopped some more.

As she once told me, “we are only ever a plane ride away.”  Words of wisdom.

I hope everyone had a wonderful week, I’m now back to regularly scheduled programming.

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