Denim on denim


I must admit; getting back into the swing of things after taking some time off is hard.  But this denim on denim look makes it worth it!

Denim on denim

I’ll be dead honest; I really wasn’t in the mood to put on anything other than a top and some pants.  Pulling together a presentable look is so easily achievable with denim though, hence the quiet reign of this amazing fabrication time and time again through the fashion ages.  I feel that denim on denim looks tend to be more successful when there’s a nice contrast between the pieces; I love my beautifully light washed boyfriend denim button up from Aritzia against a pair of dark grey Zara jeans with destroyed details.




Boyfriend denim shirt – Aritzia (similar) // Jeans – Zara (similar) // Platform sneakers – Steve Madden (similar) // Backpack – Rebecca Minkoff // Jewelry – TYPENU Co

There’s one new major addition this week – this new little Rebecca Minkoff backpack!!  I tend to have no more than one designer bag on rotation (mostly for bank account reasons) and I like to use them to death.  My current Marc by Marc was sadly starting to fade and look miserable, so the hunt for a new bag began and ended on this little backpack.  I swear it’s not a trend thing;  I was actually quite resistant to getting backpack as my daily driver because 1) I hold onto bags for a LONG time and 2) I didn’t want to risk looking like a tool 3 years from now.  But this little Minkoff guy was just the perfect size, well designed, and too cute to resist!

Oh!  And my hair!

I’ve been wanting to dabble into the silver thing for awhile now but also hate the idea of being high maintenance.  Since the front sections of my hair was already highlighted, getting it to blond enough to put on the blueish silver was easy.  The rest of my head is a work in progress; it’s currently in this medium to dark brown shade that’s really hard to tone the warm out of; I either need to darken it or lighten it and I haven’t decided which!

Anyway, it feels nice to be back and blogging again; I’m off to LA this weekend for Memorials Day.  Have fun on this long weekend peeps, stay safe!

Have any plans for Memorials Day?  Like the all denim look?  Let me know your thoughts!

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