Monthy brand watch: Oak + Fort

Brand watch: Oak + Fort || alice / TYPENU

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Monthly brand watch: Oak + Fort

I’m sure you’ve seen me tout Oak + Fort in my recent posts; it’s because I’m literally obsessed with them.  There are very specific reasons for this, let me count the ways.

  1. Minimalism is a large part of my personal style, but we’re not talking just simple clothing.  I love garments with a unique twist, whether it’s a oversized silo, a boxy fit, a unusual length, or some cool draping detail like those on AllSaints.  I love Oak + Fort’s selection and their solid designs.
  2. The thing is, good design doesn’t come cheap.  Other fellow minimal cool brands like Vince, COS, and of course AllSaints, all have one thing in common – they will cost you an arm and a leg.  Not Oak + Fort.  While not at the fast fashion price point (nor should they be), they have a great combination of affordable and reasonable priced clothing.
  3. They have awesome sales. As opposed to most retailers’ sale section looking like a train wreck.

Brand watch: Oak + Fort || alice / TYPENU

01. Blouse FA2 // 02. Grey Cardigan // 03. Dress 3123 // 04. Pant EB9 // 05. Leather Vest F19

Brand watch: Oak + Fort || alice / TYPENU

06. Pant F84 // 07. Dress 3133 // 08. Tunic F07 // 09. Dress F88 // 10. Skirt G00

A little more about the brand: established in 2010, it’s a young retailer from Canada working on establishing themselves and opening more physical stores here in the US.  I’m lucky enough to live in the San Francisco Bay Area where they have 2 locations in the city; I love shopping their stores much more than online!

That’s it for July’s brand watch, thanks for tuning in!

Have you heard of Oak + Fort before?  Give your favorite brand a shout out below!

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