On the hunt for new frames, enter Warby

warby parker || alice / TYPENU

I hate glasses shopping, mostly because of they’re stupidly expensive.

Giving Warby Parker a try

I’m lucky enough to actually live nearby to a physical Warby Parker location and I did drop by about a year ago and hated everything.  For some reason my DNA thought it would be funny to not give me a nose bridge and also take away the ability to wear contacts due to having dry eyes.

So finding a good pair of glasses that fit starts with the requirement that they must have nosepads.  Warby had a ton of frames but I found less than a handful with nose pads, which is typically the norm but lately the gods of glasses have been picking it up.  Or maybe it’s the round specs trend that’s urging designers to put out more designs with nose pads, whichever the case I took another look at Warby online and was able to find more than 5 styles – victory?  4 I actually liked, and 1 I threw in just to round it out in order to start the Home Try-On.

warby parker || alice / TYPENU

The packaging is just adorable.  They came in a tray just like the doctor’s office would have, and I was pretty tickled by that.

warby parker || alice / TYPENU


I ended up only liking 1 of these and stupidly enough I forgot to take photos of it on my actual face, but have no fear – I requested another box that’s more sunglasses oriented (Summer is never over in California and sunglasses are a year-round thing) and I’ll be sure to take photos of those, on me this time.

Warby Parker frames are not cheap by any means, but if you wear glasses you’ll appreciate that their price includes the lens and a lot of add ons that at other places you need to pay separately for.  That ends up to be a pretty good deal; the particular pair I liked was $145 with anti-reflect/scratch and UV in one swoop.  The construction materials are supposedly solid as well, although only time will tell.

I’ll keep you guys posted on the next box.  For those of you who doesn’t wear glasses I must’ve put you to sleep.  They have super cute sunglasses as well!

Do you wear glasses or know someone who understands my pain?

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  • It’s crazy isn’t it? I’ll just slink away quietly and hunt for a dupe 😉

  • such cute packaging haha! I would love to use that box as storage too. Thanks for sharing! 🙂


  • I just went to the store yesterday to buy myself a pair of sunglasses…. $510 for the frame without the friggin prescription!! Ugh, that’s the problem with having expensive taste and no money. Unlucky me. I just walked out of the store! haha! I better try this online store you’ve suggested. :p

  • I love WP system of trying (at home!) before you buy! Brilliant. 🙂

    Le Stylo Rouge

  • I love Warby Parker!! They have such cute stuff 🙂


  • What a great brand – super stylish sunnies and glasses!
    xx. Mirjam // http://www.miiju.ch

  • I love WB! Between my husband and I, we have a couple pairs.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  • I’ve heard great things about Warby! Thanks for sharing!

    Chow Down USA

  • I don’t wear glasses but my sister does. I like the home try on of this brand. I’ve never heard of one from where I live.

    annescribblesanddoodles.blogspot.com | Bloglovin’ | Instagram

  • EdyeNicolesMakeup

    Love those frames! Such a simple, chic look <3

    Edye | gracefulcoffee.wordpress.com

  • UGH, same here! I got my RayBan aviators and it ended up around $450 I think…? If I end up getting one from them I’ll for sure let you know!

  • It’s sooo hard to find sunglasses that look good. I’m glad you did though! It feels so good when you have a pair you love that look great on you.


  • I really, really need a new pair of glasses. Just as a precaution since I’m moving across the world, and these glasses are crooked. 4 out 5 glasses to pick is great! Though I’d just pick two and that’s it haha <3

    xx   BASH   |   go   say     H E Y   B A S H

  • Cute glasses! It’s time I got a new pair 🙂

  • I don’t wear glasses…yet… I hope. But if I ever do I am definitely going to check this brand out.

    Dakota D.
    Instagram/Snapchat/Twitter: @missdsquared413

  • I find it tricky find glasses as well but mainly because im super picky! I love the thicker frames here though! Would be interested in seeing what the ones you chose look like on! Also super not bored, actually enjoyed reading this post, its nice to see something a little different in my reading list!

    Fashion Dew // Bloglovin’

  • Aida
  • I always wondered how well these glasses are made. I need prescription in my sunglasses and it always ends up costing me a fortune!

    Heba xx ││The Heba